Solar Inverter Supplier Donnergy Fall Camp

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Working time: 9:00 am - 18:00 pm

It’s a post about the 2023 fall camp of solar inverter supplier Donnergy.

Solar inverter supplier Donnergy Technology made a happy fall camp on October 21, 2023. As we all know, in the next half year of 2023, the global competition in the solar energy market is becoming very sharp. However, in the business market, survival of the fittest is a fundamental principle. The Donnergy management team always holds a keen ambition for the global solar energy market.

In the hard times, to penetrate the market faster and deeper, we are still expanding our team by hiring various professionals and engineers. Now it’s time to let the new team members know each other better than in the office, laboratory and production line. A relaxed time, a happy time!

The Donnergy Technology team believes in a pragmatic corporate culture. In the daily R&D, production and marketing activities, we speak less and do more. In the company, there are no useless meetings and forms.

Good good study, day day up. Cheers!

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