Donnergy Solar Inverters For Indonesia At JIExpo Jakarta SolarTech Indonesia 2024

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As a leading country in developing solar power, Indonesia is pushing the clean energy progress towards a better future. Donnergy brought a series of solar inverters for Indonesia at SolarTech Indonesia 2024 in JIExpo Jakarta recently.

Feb 28~Mar 1 Jakarta Expo, Donnergy showed solar inverters for Italy including hybrid solar inverter GH6000TL, hybrid solar inverter GH-8KS48P3 / GH-10KS48P3 / GH-12KS48P3, All-in-one stackable ESS battery(5 ~ 30 kW), Slim powerwall ESS battery, Tower battery 3U type, etc.

3-phases Hybrid Solar Inverter

Model: GH-8KS48P3 / GH-10KS48P3 / GH12KS48P3
  • 3-phases
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Supports up to 6 units in parallel
  • Supports on-grid/off-grid mode switching for EPS output
  • Supports battery charging/ discharging according to the time setting
  • Independent AC input port for a diesel generator
  • Supports storing energy from a diesel generator

Single-phase Hybrid Solar Inverter

Model: GH-6000TL
  • Multiple operating modes: On-grid, off-grid, UPS, MPPT
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Integrated smart App for remote diagnosis and update
  • Supports storing energy from a diesel generator
  • Five-years warranty
  • Compatible with almost all 48V LiFePO4 battery pack

Slim Powerwall ESS Battery

Model: LFBAT 51100-EU-W
  • Built-in LiFePO4 cell with fuse. Safe, durable, reliable
  • Ultra slim: 90 mm. Fit for wall-mount installation
  • Parallel connection: 16 pieces (max)
  • LCD display and Buttons
  • System monitoring and management
  • Pre-heating (Optional)

Tower Battery 3U Type

Model: LFBAT 51100-R
  • Intelligent BMS equipped inside to maintain the battery always works in the best condition.
  • Designed for PV: Max. charge and discharge current: 150 A
  • Built-in LiFePO4 cell with fuse. Safe, durable, reliable
  • Excellent standby self-consumption as low as 4 mA
  • To ensure security, it is designed to make a power cut-off automatically without charging or discharging for 30 days. It also supports manual cut-off.

We are looking forward to building more long-term stable cooperation with Pakistan clients in 2024. Know more solar inverters for Italy. Know more about the Donnergy solar inverter factory before visiting us.

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