Lithium Battery BMS Board

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The lithium battery BMS board is so important to the LiFePO4 ESS battery product series produced by Donnergy Technology.

A lithium battery BMS board is the brain of a battery system. If we compare a lithium battery pack to a human body, then we can also regard the BMS battery management system as the brain that controls the body’s operation. Along with it, the BMS connector to the test equipment can be regarded as the main artery, ensuring the smooth flow of the human body’s lifeline. The working principle of BMS is as follows:

In real-time, it collects, estimates, analyzes, processes, and stores important information of the running battery pack (including each battery unit); Automatically prevents the battery from over-charging or over-discharging; Automatically limits the charge and discharge in over-heating or low-temperature conditions. Thereby, it strongly ensures the battery’s safe operation and extends its lifespan.

What’s more, the BMS also exchanges info with external devices such as controllers, and, displays relevant data in real-time on the connected LCD (or LED) screen. By this, our device operators can monitor and manage the real-time operating status of the battery pack.

LiFePO4 Battery BMS Board 16S100A

LiFePO4 Battery BMS Board 16S100A

LiFePO4 battery bms board 16S100A is a self-developed product designed by Donnergy. It’s for residential ESS batteries.

AspectLithium-ion Battery without BMSLithium Battery without BMS
Performance Optimization:LimitedEnhanced
Battery lifespan:ShorterExtended
Safety:Limited protectionComprehensive safety measures
Status Monitoring:BasicReal-time monitoring
Energy Efficiency:StandardOptimized

Since the corp establishment, to guarantee the safety and quality of our ESS products, we has kept focusing on research and development in the battery BMS. Till now, we gained core technical advantages and independent intellectual property rights in BMS. We also developed our own lithium battery BMS board hardware.

Based on the professional R&D ability of BMS research, we can provide safe and qualified ESS products to clients worldwide. Newer lithium battery BMS board is under development.

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