Two Basic Types of PV Panels, A Quick Know-how

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A lot of new clients told us that they want to quickly know different types of PV panels

How many types of PV panels? To know it thoroughly, some fresh clients would need to read 5~10 articles or even more. However, we think selling solar products is not like studying in school. We need to snap to the market and move quickly. Therefore, we wrote this post that is a quick know-how for some new clients.

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel VS Polycrystalline silicon solar panel

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel VS Polycrystalline silicon solar panel

Two Basic Types of PV Panels, A Quick Know-how
Two Basic Types of PV Panels, A Quick Know-how

Monocrystalline panel

A monocrystalline silicon solar panel is made of crystals with a complete structure. Very good semiconductor material. The color is dark blue to light blue. No color difference on the surface. The max conversion efficiency is 21.5%. Currently, 90% of such panels on the market are monocrystalline silicon solar panels.

Monocrystalline cells have high conversion efficiency. But the production cost is higher. So most clients choose to install them in small places like rooftops.

Polycrystalline panel

A polycrystalline silicon solar panel is also made of crystals. However, there are several different types of crystals made of different semiconductors. Hence, there are slight color differences on a panel. The max conversion efficiency is 19%. The properties of optical, electrical and mechanical of polycrystalline silicon solar cells are not as good as monocrystalline type.

Polycrystalline cells have a lower conversion efficiency. However, the production cost is also lower. Most of our clients install a lot of such panels in much bigger open places like solar power stations.

Module #Peak powerPeak voltagePeak currentOpen-circuit voltageShort-circuit currentModule dimensionsWeightConversion efficiencySolar Cell dimensionsCells’ Qty
DFP290290W34.56V8.4A42V8.73A1956×996×50 mm22 KG16.60%156*156 mm72 PCS
DFP280280W34.56V8.11A42V8.43A1956×996×50 mm22 KG16.00%156*156 mm72 PCS
DFP270270W34.56V7.82A42V8.13A1956×996×50 mm22 KG15.40%156*156 mm72 PCS
DFP240240W28.8V8.34A36V8.67A1654×992×50 mm18.6 KG16.60%156*156 mm60 PCS
DFP235235W28.8V8.16A36V8.48A1654×992×50 mm18.6 KG16.00%156*156 mm60 PCS
DFP230230W28.8V7.99A36V8.30A1654×992×50 mm18.6 KG15.70%156*156 mm60 PCS
DFP220220W25.92V8.49A32.4V8.82A1476×991×50 mm18 KG16.70%156*156 mm54 PCS
DFP210210W25.92V8.11A32.4V8.43A1476×991×50 mm18 KG16.00%156*156 mm54 PCS
DFP200200W25.92V7.72A32.4V8.02A1476×991×50 mm18 KG15%156*156 mm54 PCS
DFP190190W23.04V8.25A28.8V8.58A1342×990×50 mm15.8 KG16.30%156*156 mm54 PCS
DFP185185W23.04V8.03A28.8V8.35A1342×990×50 mm15.8 KG15.90%156*156 mm54 PCS
DFP180180W23.04V7.82A28.8V8.13A1342×990×50 mm15.8 KG15.40%156*156 mm54 PCS
DFP140140W17.28V8.11A21.6V8.43A1476×671×35 mm11.5 KG16.00%156*156 mm36 PCS
DFP135135W17.28V7.82A21.6V8.13A1476×671×35 mm11.5 KG15.50%156*156 mm36 PCS
DFP9595W11.52V8.25A14.4V8.58A1008×674×35 mm8 KG16.30%156*156 mm24 PCS
DFP9090W11.52V7.82A14.4V8.13A1008×674×35 mm8 KG16%156*156 mm24 PCS
SDP7070W17.28V4.06A21.6V4.22A770×665×35 mm5 KG16.00%156*78 mm36 PCS
DFP6565W17.28V3.78A21.6V4.16A770×665×35 mm5 KG16.00%156*78 mm36 PCS
DFP6060W17.28V3.49A21.6V3.84A770×665×35 mm5 KG16.00%156*78 mm36 PCS
Polycrystalline modules

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