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Three Phase Hybrid Inverter is the brain of a solar energy storage system

The Three Phase Hybrid Inverter is designed for large-scale solar power systems with multi-functions. One design for these output power: 8kW, 10kW, 12kW. They can handle higher levels of power than single phase inverters. Hence, they are widely used for installing solar power systems for commercial and industrial use.

Product Features:

Support multiple modes: On-grid / off-grid switching from EPS output, battery charging and discharging according to the time setting, storing energy from diesel generator

Independent AC input port for a diesel generator

Built-in DSP control. Advanced SPWM technology

Dedicated app for remote monitoring and management

Droop control. Max quantity in parallel: 6 units

The device can be extended to an All-in-one EV Charging ESS on clients’ needs

Compatible with most 48V LiFePO4 battery pack

Waterproof grade: IP65

The Topological Graph of Three Phase Hybrid Inverter 8kW 10kW 12kW

Crucial Parameters of The Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

Crucial Index8 kW (GH8KS48P3)10 kW (GH10KS48P3)12 kW (GH12KS48P3)
Max conversion efficiency from the PV string98%98%98%
MPPT Q’ty222
Max input power from the PV string10400 VA13000 VA 15600 VA
Max input current per MPPT from the PV string18 A & 18A36 A & 18A36 A & 18A
Max apparent power AC output to the utility grid (On-grid)8800 VA11000 VA13200 VA
Rated output apparent power (Backup power supply)8000 VA10000 VA12000 VA

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