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7kW Home EV Charging ESS

7kW home EV charging ESS with hybrid solar inverter all-in-one compact design

It’s a home EV charging ESS that emerged in 2023 to capture the home market in 2024 and 2025. Under the all-in-one compact design, four parts were highly integrated: EV charger, Stackable ESS batteries, Hybrid solar inverter and Power distribution. It’s a really smart EV charger for home use. Very quick installation for EV owners! Sufficient certification for global market access. Obtain clean energy subsidies. Easy system monitoring, management and upgrading.

Crucial parameters of the 7kW Home EV Charging ESS
Functions of the device:Hybrid solar inverter. Energy storage system. EV charger. Power distribution.
Rated power (EV charger):7000 W
Mobility:On the wheel. Easy to move
Waterproof grade:IP65
Four optional modes of starting EV charging:Swipe card. App. Starts working automatically after plugging the charger. Scheduled charging.
Max. input power (Inverter):7000 W
MPPT number (Inverter):2
Input current per MPPT (Inverter):15 A
Battery type:LiFePO4
The capacity of a single battery: 5.12 kWh
Number of stackable batteries:6 pieces (max)
Overall dimensions:88 (HGT) X 58 (W) X 37 (THK) cm (With 1 battery. Capacity 5.12 kWh)

110 (HGT) X 58 (W) X 37 (THK) cm (With 2 batteries. Capacity 10.24 kWh)

132 (HGT) X 58 (W) X 37 (THK) cm (With 3 batteries. Capacity 15.36 kWh. Standard. )

154 (HGT) X 58 (W) X 37 (THK) cm (With 4 batteries. Capacity 20.48 kWh)

176 (HGT) X 58 (W) X 37 (THK) cm (With 5 batteries. Capacity 25.6 kWh)

198 (HGT) X 58 (W) X 37 (THK) cm (With 6 batteries. Capacity 30.72 kWh)

EV charger

Connect the gun to the EV charging socket. Intelligent charging control! Based on a highly integrated charging control board, the EV charger integrates AC power supply, charging control, management, query and communication. That brings a much smaller pile with a simple and reliable layout. Simple wiring for easy operation. Good user experience.

Energy Storage

Modular design for easy energy expansion! The system takes 1 ~ 6 pieces of stackable LiFePO4 batteries (In parallel) for energy storage. Capacity 5.12 kWh for a single battery. Capacity 15.36 kWh for three batteries. Capacity 30.72 kWh for six batteries. There is an LED light on each battery to display the battery status and remaining capacity.

Hybrid solar inverter

As the brain of the systems, the inverter is a typical hybrid solar inverter (On-grid & Off-grid). Adopting advanced SPWM technology, it’s controlled by built-in DSP. By the advanced PCS algorithm, the inverter controls power transmission between the grid, PV, EV, load and battery. The LED lights can show different working status: Standby, Normal working, Warning, Error or Upgrade.

Power distribution

With the technology of intelligent power distribution & power consumption, the 7kW Home EV Charging ESS is a micro-grid device. For EV charging piles, the technology is very important as it brings intelligent dispatching, optimizes charging strategies, improves charging efficiency and reduces grid load.

The 7kW Home EV Charging ESS Donnergy innovative new product 2023

The device is designed for building a compact bi-directional PV system with functions of EV charging, hybrid solar inverter, energy storage and power distribution. By the PCS algorithm, power generated by PV panels has the 1st priority to power the loads including charging an EV, the 2nd priority to re-charge the battery (if the power is in excess) and the 3rd priority to feed the grid (if the power is in excess).

When the loads can’t get sufficient power from the PV panels, they automatically obtain power from the batteries with sufficient power. When the battery power becomes insufficient, the loads will automatically turn to the grid for power supply.

Topology diagram for the 7kW Home EV Charging ESS
Topology diagram for the 7kW Home EV Charging ESS

Penetrate the Market


Why did we develop the product Home EV Charging ESS? A far-reaching significance is exploring a new market by saving the overall cost of installing and using energy systems for families.

It’s an all-in-one compact system that integrates a hybrid solar inverter, ESS batteries and the EV charger supported by advanced software and hardware. Compared to the high cost of installing and debugging an externally loose-knit system for our house, the overall cost of installing and debugging this product will be amazing – Easy and money-saving! One product with all complete functions.

A device that can obtain government subsidy with sufficient certification for market access.

It’s also very easy to use for family members. By handling the dedicated app or the webpage, we can monitor, manage and upgrade the system easily.

All the important parts (PCS, control board, EV charger gun, BMS…) are self-developed and produced. Hence, for a bulk OEM & ODM order, we are able to make a cost-down…


We know that there are a lot of commercial EV charging ESS products in the market, but not much for home use till now. Hence, the device is a “small” innovation for leading the home market segment.

The innovation was raised from a deep understanding of the variation market of home EV charging. According to our research, for most EV drivers, the average daily power consumption of an EV is 12 ~ 15 kWh. It means, most time, they only need to recharge the car for 2 hours a day with a 7kW charger. The smart 7kW Home EV Charging ESS brings a super convenient EV recharging.

The innovation is based on mature technology and modules developed by Donnergy. Long time, we have kept heavy investment in the R&D of various solar inverters. The brain of this EV charging ESS is the hybrid solar inverter module with advanced PCS and BMS technology.


This 7kWh Home EV Charging ESS is the 1st item for a new product family. Under a similar design idea, we are developing another item with stronger functions and different specs.

With plentiful product lines, global business partners including distributors and brand sellers will be able to meet more market demands and expand their business channels.

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