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Off-grid Solar Inverter 5kW 3kW

Donnergy Off-grid solar inverter 5kW 3kW is widely used for building a small independent PV power station in urban districts that lack power supply from the public utility grid. A typical ESS system with the inverter contains PV panels, a storage battery and the inverter itself which plays the role of the brain. One mold for two power output: 5kW, 3kW.

Product Features:

Support multiple modes: Off-grid, UPS (Compatible with most 48V LiFePO4 battery pack. Activate a battery automatically), storing energy from diesel generator

For power consumption, the user can set power supply priority: PV first or the grid first or PV&Battery first

A multifit off-grid solar inverter for building stable PV ESS with most system products from different factories.

Built-in DSP control. Advanced SPWM technology

Dedicated app for remote monitoring and management

Droop control. Max quantity in parallel: 6 units (OH5000TL only)

The Topological Graph of Off-grid Solar Inverter  5kW 3kW
The Topological Graph of Off-grid Solar Inverter 5kW 3kW

Crucial Parameters of The Off-grid Solar Inverter 5kW 3kW

Crucial Index5 kW (OH5000TL)3 kW (OH3000TL)3 kW (OH3000TL-HP)
Max conversion efficiency from the PV string93.5%93.5%93.6%
MPPT efficiency 99.9%99.9%99.9%
MPPT Q’ty111
Max input power from the PV string6 kW2 kW4 kW
Rated power (AC output)5 kW3 kW3 kW

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