Certification For BMS Board 16S100AH

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BMS (Battery Management System) controls the running of an ESS. The system is integrated into a main control board. View the certification for BMS board 16S100AH

View Donnergy certification for BMS board. The essential functions of the board include: Sensing voltage, temperature and current; Overvoltage protection, Under-voltage protection, Overtemperature protection and Overcurrent protection; SOC/SOH estimation; SOP prediction; Fault diagnosis; Equalization control; Thermal management; Charging management, etc.

A qualified BMS board can provide such strong protection for an ESS power station.

ESS is keeping fast development. Nowadays more and more ESS stations have higher nominal voltage and capacity. More and more lithium cells are being integrated into the system. However, under abnormal working conditions and temperature extremes, the battery cells can easily cause catastrophic accidents such as fire, leakage or even explosion.

Therefore, Donnergy chose to develop its battery management system. We fully consider all factors and take the reliability design. Strict experimental demonstrations are made to ensure the BMS works. It’s system-level protection to avoid serious accidents after the protection for a single cell and corresponding circuit board fails.

Hence, it’s very necessary to apply testing and certification for the BMS board.

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