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Proven and safe. Economical and environment-friendly LiFePO4 battery module. Long lifespan and high reliability.

Highly modular design. Simple structure. Easy to install and maintain.

High-performance & High-efficiency BMS. Compatible with various communication protocols.

Comprehensive battery protection, fault detection and isolation mechanisms to ensure safety.

Intelligent temperature control system for batteries to extend battery lifespan. Tiny temperature difference for battery modules. Falt temperature fluctuation.

Targeted fire extinguishing for the battery pack (Optional function for OEM/ODM order).

Support: Big data OPS, Power grid dispatching and regulation, Remote monitoring and OTA upgrading.

Multi-scenario applications: Solar energy storage & EV charging. Peak shift of electrical demand. Demand side response.

Technical specification of
Commercial Energy Storage Cabinet ESS-215
Battery type:LiFePO4
System battery configuration:3.2 V / 280 Ah
Cell capacity:1P240S
Battery rated capacity:215.04 Khw
Voltage RangelV]:768 VDC
Roltage Range:672 ~ 864 V
Charge And Discharge Rate:≤ 0.5 C
AC Parameters (Grid-Connected)
Rated power: 100 KW
Power (Max):110 KW
Wiring mode:Three-phase Four-wire / Three-phase Three-wire
Rated grid voltage:400V AC
Grid voltage range:320 ~ 460 V
Rated current:144 A
Rated grid frequency:50 Hz / 60 Hz
Grid frequency range:45 ~ 55 Hz / 55 ~ 65 Hz
Total current waveform distortion rate:< 3%(rated power)
Power factor:> 0.99(rated power)
Power factor adjustable range:-1(advanced) ~ 1(lag)
AC Parameters
AC off-grid voltage:400V AC
AC off-grid frequency:50 Hz / 60 Hz
AC voltage range:±3%
Distortion rate of off-grid output voltage:< 3%(linear load)
System Parameters
Fire protection systems:Type Saerosol, HFC-propane, Perfluorohexanone
Anti-corrosion grade:C3 (C4 / C5 optional)
Degree of protection:C3 (C4 / C5 optional)
Operating temperature range (°C):-30 ~ +50 (Derating above 45 °C)
Storage temperature (°C):-20 ~ +55, SOC@30% ~ 50%, < 6 months
Working humidity range:0 ~ 95% RH. No condensation
Cooling method: Air-conditioned Air-cooled
Installation method:Outdoor installation
System communication interface:Ethernet, RS485
External system communication protocol:Modbus TCP, IEC61850, Modbus RTU
Altitude:Within 2000 M, 2000 M derating
Dimensions:2360 (HGT) x 1600 (W) x 1000 (THK)
Weight:2300 KG

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