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Wall Mounted LiFePO4 Battery Pack for ESS with BMS 10.24 kWh Max Power Optioal Capacity


Built-in LiFePO4 cell with smart BMS (Battery Management System) control. Safe, durable, reliable. Can communicate with hybrid solar inverter produced by most factories. System monitoring and management.

16.6 cm thickness for the small battery VS 22.4 cm thickness for the larger one. Fit for wall-mount installation. One design for two dimensions (61.1 X 42 X 22.4 cm VS 78 X 46 X 16.6 cm) for 5 optional capacity (25.6V/200Ah, 51.2V/100Ah, 51.2V/120Ah, 51.2V/170Ah, 51.2V/200Ah).

Charge current 100A. Discharge current 200A. Fit for being used as solar ESS.

LCD screen for displaying working status and working datas. Communication ports: CAN, RS485, RS232.

6,000 cycle times & 5 years warranty & 10 years life span.

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