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Smart Multi-mode Hybrid Solar Inverter 6kW For ESS is 2024 New Product

This hybrid solar inverter 6kW is a multi-mode inverter that was presented out in 2024 spring with a refreshing design. With the big adaptability of building an ESS system, its advance was supported by mature algorithms and strong hardware. It can be widely used for installing solar power systems for residential or commercial use.

Product Features:

Support multiple modes: On-grid / off-grid switching, battery charging and discharging, storing energy from diesel generator

UPS function. Support dual AC output to the loads

Independent AC input port for a diesel generator

Built-in DSP control. Advanced SPWM technology

Dedicated app for remote monitoring and management

Droop control. Max quantity in parallel: 6 units

The device can be extended to an All-in-one EV Charging ESS on clients’ needs

Compatible with most 48V LiFePO4 battery pack

Waterproof grade: IP65

The Topological Graph of Smart Multi-mode Hybrid Solar Inverter 6kW For ESS
Technical specification of 6kW Hybrid Solar Inverter GH6000TL
PV Input (DC)
Maximum input power: 7000 W
Maximum input voltage:500 V
Starting voltage:150 V
PV input voltage range:370 V (100 ~ 500 V)
MPPT voltage range:120 ~ 450 V
MPPT quantity:2
Maximum input current:18 A / 18 A
Output / Input (AC)
Rated output power:6000 W
Maximum output apparent power:6600 W
Rated output current:26.1 A
Maximum output current:28.7 A
Grid voltage type:230 VAC (single phase)
Rated grid frequency:50 Hz / 60 Hz (optional)
Total current waveform distortion rate:< 3% (rated power)
Power factor range:> 0.99 @ full power
(Adjustable range 0.8 lead ~ 0.8 hysteresis)
On-Grid Output
Maximum output power:6000 W
Rated output voltage:230 VAC (single phase)
Rated output frequency:50 Hz / 60 Hz (optional)
Switching time:≤ 10 ms
Total harmonic distortion (Linear load):THD < 3% (Linear load < 1.5%)
Overload capacity:2 times of rated power, 10 S
Battery voltage range:40 ~ 60 V
Maximum battery charge current:100 A
Maximum battery discharge current:150 A
Battery type:Lead-acid or lithium-ion
Communication interface:RS485, CAN
Maximum efficiency:98%
European efficiency:97%
MPPT efficiency:99.9%
Inverter efficiency:94.8%
Protection level:IP65
Ambient temperature:-25 ~ 60 ℃, > 45 ℃ Derating
Ambient humidity:0 ~ 95% No condensation
Cooling method:Smart cooling
Altitude:≤ 2000 M
Communication:RS485 / USB / CAN / Wifi (GPRS optional)
Warranty:5 years (standard)
Other Data
Installation:Wall mount with bracket

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