Technical Specification Of 4.6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

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4.6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

Main features of 4.6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter:

  • Multiple modes: On-grid, off-grid, UPS. Built-in MPPT charger.
  • Built-in DSP control. Advanced SPWM technology.
  • Dedicated app for remote monitoring and management.
  • Droop control. Max quantity in parallel: 6 units
  • The device can be extended to an All-in-one ESS on clients’ needs.
  • Compatible with all (almost) 48V LiFePO4 battery pack.
Technical specification of 4.6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter GH4600TL
Conversion Efficiency
Max efficiency:97.8%
European weighted efficiency:97%
Battery-AC efficiency:95% (Max)
MPPT efficiency:99.9%
Input (PV)
Input power:6600 W (Max)
Input voltage:500 V (Max)
MPPT operating voltage range:120 V ~ 430 V
Start-up voltage:150 V
Nominal input voltage:360 V
Input current per MPPT:15 A (Max)
Short circuit current per MPPT:18.9 A (Max)
Number of MPPT trackers:2
Number of strings per MPPT:1
Input & Ouput (DC Battery)
Battery type:Lithium or Lead-Acid
Nominal battery voltage:51.2 V
Battery voltage range:41.6 V ~ 58.5 V
Continuous charging current:100 A (Max)
Charge power:4600 W (Max)
Discharge power: 4600 W (Max)
Output (AC On-grid)
Rated power output to the Utility grid:4600 W
Apparent power output to the Utility grid:5000 VA (Max)
Apparent power from the Utility grid:5000 VA (Max)
Nominal output voltage:220 V / 230 V / 240 V
Nominal AC grid frequency:50 Hz / 60 Hz
AC current output to the Utility grid:20 A (Max)
AC current from the Utility grid: 22 A (Max)
Total harmonic distortion:< 3%
Power factor:~ 0.99 cosΦ
UPS switch time:< 10 ms
Output (AC Back-up)
Back-up rated power:4500 W
Output apparent power:4500 VA (Max)
Output current:20 A (Max)
Nominal output voltage:220 V / 230 V / 240 V
Nominal output frequency:50 Hz / 60 Hz
Output THDc (@ Linear load):< 3%
Residual current monitoring:Yes
Anti-islanding protection:Yes
DC switch protection:Yes
Remote shutdown:Yes
Protection level:IP65
Environmental & Ambient conditions
Operating temperature range:-25 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Relative humidity:0 ~ 95%, non-condensing
Installation altitude above the sea level:Below 2000 m
Cooling method:Natural cooling
Monitoring settings: Integrated data logger
Physical parameters
Dimensions:350 (W) X 580 (HGT) X 230 (THK) mm
Weight:25 ± 0.5 KG
Interfaces:CAN, RS485, WIFI
Installation: Wall mount with bracket
Warranty time:5 years

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